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Pool fencing styles

There are many different styles and types of pool fences available. All of which have positive and negative aspects. The important thing is to select the correct type, or combination of fences for your application.

Tubular Fencing 

This style of fencing is a cheap alternative to some of the other fencing solutions and can look good if it has a back drop of plants or is used in a way that doesn’t block the view of the pool. However  most people do not like this style of fence as it does interrupt the view of the pool and creates a caged in feeling.

Framed glass

This style was popular several years ago but since the price of frameless fencing is comparable now there is not many people choosing this style. Framed glass is a similar price to frameless glass fencing and takes longer to install. It also does interrupt the view of the pool although not as much as the tubular fencing.

Frameless glass – Spigot system 

This is the main pool fencing style adopted across the country. It only has 2 very small post per glass panel which does not interrupt the view. The glass is durable and requires no maintenance apart from an occasional clean. Professionals can install this system very quickly. It is also a safe option as there are no gaps or foot holds for children climb through or over. The Atlantic soft close hinge fits this fence style of fence perfectly. This fencing style is sometimes used in combination with a tubular fence for large perimeters with garden backdrops.

Frameless glass – Channel system

This is the newest style of fencing and has positives and negatives. The cost is higher and the installation takes longer. the channel that holds the glass can be recessed into the floor surface so all that is visible is the glass. This does look good but the down side is more cleaning. Water cannot pass under the fence instead pools up on the glass.

Pool fence style by Atlantic hinge

We design the latest glass fence hardware which is suitable for frameless glass pool fencing. All our hardware is backed by 5 year warranty. So you know you are getting the best. If you would like to see more head over to our video or catalogue page 

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