Pool fencing regulations

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Pool fencing and gate hardware must meet the regulations

  • The gap below the fence must not be more than 10 cm.
  • For tubular fencing the the gate release latch must be at least 1.5 m of the ground.
  • For glass pool fencing the gate release latch must be a minimum of 15 cm below the glass top edge.
  • The pool fence must be at least 1.2 m tall
  • An ark from the top of the fence at 90 cm must not have any object placed in this area this could be used to climb over the fence. This area is called the none climbable zone.
  • Pools adjoining boundary fences require the boundary fence to beĀ  1.8 m tall and also 90 cm length of the pool fence to be 1.8 m tall.
  • No gaps larger than 10 cm are allowed.
  • Glass gate hinges must close automatically.
  • Glass gate hinges must perform 10K cycles without failure.

These are the basic principles required to have a pool fence that complies with the regulations.

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